Bangkok Attractions

Bangkok is a place of stunning contrasts with its ancient temples, modern culture and architecture ranging from hi-tech malls to breathtaking palaces. There are numerous attractions in Bangkok which both single tourists as well as families can enjoy. Take a step back in time into the rich history of Thailand as you roam the streets of Bangkok that are packed with sights of all kinds. Or teleport into the future as you explore the cutting edge culture of Thailand’s capital.

What to See – Top Bangkok Attractions

Here are a few landmarks that should definitely be on your must-see list.

1. Grand Palace

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Grand Palace is the most popular tourist attraction in Bangkok.

The Grand Palace has been a home of the Siam King for almost 300 years and ‘grand’ doesn’t even start to describe the majestic atmosphere of the place. Go early in the morning to get away from the crowds of tourists if you want to take good pictures. Enjoy the spectacular architecture with amazing Thai art, elegant interior and ancient artifacts. It is definitely a must-see!

2. Emerald Buddha at Wat Pra Keaw

Bangkok Attraction - Wat Phra Keaw

Wat Phra Keaw, The Temple of Emerald Buddha in Bangkok Thailand

Located on the premises of the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is considered to be one of the most important Buddhist temples in Thailand. Inside you will find a spectacular statue of Buddha carved from a single block of jade.

3. Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

Wat Arun - Bangkok Attraction

Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn is an iconic tourist attraction in Bangkok.

Bearing the full name of Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan, Wat Arun is definitely one of the most popular and recognized temples in Thailand. Its golden tower is a spectacular sight during the day, but it is especially beautiful at dawn, when the bright red sun paints the dome in hues of red and coral. That’s why it is also called the Temple of Dawn. To get to Wat Arun you’ll have to cross the Chao Phraya River. You can easily find a boat at the Saphan Taksin boat pier.

4. Siam Ocean World at Siam Paragon

Ocean World Bangkok

Siam under water world is an attraction that both adults and kids enjoy at Bangkok.

Visit Siam Paragon to explore one of the biggest aquariums in Southeast Asia. It’s a great place to escape from the heat and the crowds of the big city. Explore the amazing underwater world and take a ride on a glass-bottomed boat across the tank filled with sharks. Don’t worry. It is safe to take the boat ride. But if you are worried too much about the safety, you can skip the boat ride and see the rest. Kids will definitely love this place, but it’s fun for adults too!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

chatuchak market, Bangkok

Chatuchak weekend market is a unique attraction that you will find only in Bangkok

You can spend a whole day at the amazing Chatuchak Weekend Market and you still won’t be able to see everything it has to offer. Among all the Bangkok attractions, this one is probably the most unique. There are more than 200,000 visitors that come here on the days the market is open, and about 15,000 stalls with all kinds of goods. You can explore this place for hours! You can buy anything here, but don’t forget that the market is opened only during the weekend. Also, don’t forget to haggle!

5. Jim Thompson House

Jim Thomson, Bangkok

Thai girl displaying silk production at Jim Thomson House Museum in Bangkok

Jim Thompson, a successful American businessman, was involved in silk production and has a made a fortune during the 1950s and 60s. Being a real fan of Thai architecture, he built himself a home that was assembled from six different ancient Thai houses filled with amazing antique décor. The house is an interesting mix of Thai and Western architectural elements. You will also be surprised to find out that the businessman himself went missing in 1967, lost somewhere inside the jungles of Malaysia.

We will be adding more Bangkok attractions to this list as we continue to expand.